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  • Lord of Harvest

    There has been a lot of discussion about ARAM smurfs. Riot tried to fix with this by giving people with more champs a re-pick option more often, but this really still doesn't discourage the creation of such accounts.

    My solution to this problem is, that every champ should be available in this mode. It wouldn't affect other game modes in any way, it would encourage the use of own accounts because players most likely have most of their runes on that account and it would force the play of underused champions in a way. And after all, the mode is called ALL RANDOM all mid :)

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  • Lord of Harvest

    That ult is just annoying. And this bugs me mostly in the laning phase. If you go on an all out 1v1 and he kills you, next time you fight, the average top laner no longer has his ultimate up, but Darius still gets to keep it most likely. So coming out on top is even harder after that point. That is why I suggest this change to it, which is still faithful to what the ultimate mechanic tries to accomplish.

    I suggest that after Darius scores a kill, he gets a buff that let's him ultimate again in a 10 second window. This buff refreshes if he kills something again with his ultimate. After those 10 seconds, the ultimate goes on cooldown. So he can still dunk multiple times in a fight, but it makes his toplaning less secure. It also helps the sit…

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  • Lord of Harvest

    Gnes, Shaman of the Tribe

    Gnes is a burst mage, which takes inspiration from Tryndamere. He excels at 1v1 fighting, but with proper use of his ultimate, he can cause havoc in teamfights. In addition of honoring Tryndamere, I tried to have concepts from his skills taken from another Champions, while still creating something unique.

    Passive - Primal Knowledge

    - Gnes gains critical strike chance from his missing mana. Im not sure about the amount, but it should have higher ratio then tryndamere's as crit is harder to itemisize with AP.

    - Gnes also has a Desperate Ritual buff on him. When he doesn't have enough mana for his next spell, he instead consumes this buff and left of his mana. He gains the Desperate Ritual buff back when he reaches full …

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  • Lord of Harvest

    Eukois, the Lawbringer

    Range: Melee

    Role: Assassin

    Passive - Weight of the Scales

    - Eukois gains bonus mana regen if his procentual HP is greater than his % Mana, and bonus healthregen if viceversa.

    Q - Test of Worthiness

    - This ability deals massive target to target enemy, but the target is healed for equal amount in 3 seconds. This means Test of Worthiness is used to finish his targets or in conjunction with his E. Test of Worthiness' cooldown is lowered by Eukois' basic attacks to enemy Champions. The cooldown starts pretty high, but ends up so low, that with basic attacks you may be able to use Q again before the opponent is finished healing. The new Q's healing overrides the previous one.

    W - Demilitarized Zone

    - This ability instantly create…

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