Eukois, the Lawbringer

Range: Melee

Role: Assassin

Passive - Weight of the Scales

- Eukois gains bonus mana regen if his procentual HP is greater than his % Mana, and bonus healthregen if viceversa.

Q - Test of Worthiness

- This ability deals massive target to target enemy, but the target is healed for equal amount in 3 seconds. This means Test of Worthiness is used to finish his targets or in conjunction with his E. Test of Worthiness' cooldown is lowered by Eukois' basic attacks to enemy Champions. The cooldown starts pretty high, but ends up so low, that with basic attacks you may be able to use Q again before the opponent is finished healing. The new Q's healing overrides the previous one.

W - Demilitarized Zone

- This ability instantly creates a small colorful zone at target location (about same size as Swain's Nevermove). Opponents inside the zone are silenced. The silence persist for about ~0.5 seconds once leaving the zone. Demilitarized Zone lasts for 4 seconds and Eukois gains bonus movement speed while inside it.

E - Restless Pursuing

- Eukois charges to target enemy dealing damage to it, flinging it behind him and causing grievous wounds on it for 5-8 seconds (haven't decided it yet). This ability makes it easier to keep the enemy within Demilitarized Zone while also granting his Q more threat.

R - Balance the Scales (Ultimate)

- This ultimate has a fairly long cooldown. It's a huge cone-shaped skillshot. It causes great damage to enemies, but it can't reduce them under 50% hp. It also heals allies, but heals them up to 50% hp maximum. Eukois can only use this ability once below 50% max hp, but it can be used while CC'd.