Gnes, Shaman of the Tribe

Gnes is a burst mage, which takes inspiration from Tryndamere. He excels at 1v1 fighting, but with proper use of his ultimate, he can cause havoc in teamfights. In addition of honoring Tryndamere, I tried to have concepts from his skills taken from another Champions, while still creating something unique.

Passive - Primal Knowledge

- Gnes gains critical strike chance from his missing mana. Im not sure about the amount, but it should have higher ratio then tryndamere's as crit is harder to itemisize with AP.

- Gnes also has a Desperate Ritual buff on him. When he doesn't have enough mana for his next spell, he instead consumes this buff and left of his mana. He gains the Desperate Ritual buff back when he reaches full mana.

Q - Throatseeker

- This is a basic targeted spell, which looks like Anivia's E if it was made from stone. It deals mediocre damage to target enemy (AP scale ~0.5-0.7), but this spell can crit It doesn't proc other on-hit effects. (Considering adding a slow in the critical strike scenario)

W - Deafning Winds

- (Passive) Gnes every 3rd autoattack causes extra magic damage. If the attack with this damage crits, the magic damage is multiplied accordingly and the target is also silenced for 2.5 seconds.

-(Active) Gnes conjures whirlwind around him, granting extra movement speed and unit collision ignoration for short time.

E - Thunder Totem

- Gnes conjures a totem which falls from the skies along with a lightning bolt. Units hit by the totem are damaged (scale 0.3-0.4 AP). This damage can crit like his other spells. After the initial impact the totem deals small damage to a larger area by sparks emitted from it. The totem lasts for 3 seconds and it can block skillshots.

R - Linking Spiritbeast (Ultimate)

- This ultimate has a long cooldown. It has long range and is used like Rumble's ultimate. This summons a beast, which charges along the drawn line. First target hit by the ultimate is marked, and any damage dealt to it will also be dealt to other targets who were hit. (Im not sure how much of the damage could be dealt to other targtets, thinking 50-75%)