I think it would be really cool to have a map where three equal teams were fighting, and i think other players would too. So me and my friend created a new map sketch. This game is played as a classic LoL game except there would be three teams instead of two. There would be three or five players in each team. Positions of players would be the same 2-1-2 just that the bot players would be fighting against one team and the top players against another, for that really check out the fast made photos of the map. In the mid lane all of teams mid players would be fighting against each other in the same time. The map has a jungle so teams could have junglers if they wanted to. In the jungle there would of course be monsters like in summoners rift. There would be three different types of monsters: -normal monsters (like the wolves) buff holding monsters (like the golem), and an epic monster (like baron). So the three teams would fight. The first team that would lose would get two options: one is to spectate the rest of the game, and another is to finish the game before the other teams and get the earned rewards (XP and IP)

Pleas take your time to look at the photos and spread the idea. Click on the photos to have a closer look at them (the photos have some text in them)

Sorry for my bad English and quickly made sketches. Hope u liked the idea, tell me if there's anything u would change on the blog. Don't be angry if I don't reply or change quick, I don't have a lot of time to do this: Bye :D