• Lunarlark

    Niche/Uncommon Junglers

    August 21, 2013 by Lunarlark

    As a question of curiosity towards the community, what kind of junglers do you use that aren't specifically "Tier 1 Material?" In a word, junglers that you don't see picked 1 in every say 10 matches. 

    I'm talking about junglers likeMorgana who has decent sustain and clear in the jungler with her W (Tormented Soil) and great teamfighting with her ultimate that allows her to AOE stun the enemy team. Add this to the fact that she has a CC nullifying shield and she makes a great asset on any team. The tradeoffs to this being her rather lackluster ganks during the laning phase with only 1 form of CC and her inability to duel many other junglers.

    Another great example of this type of jungler would beDr. Mundo who's amazing jungle clear time and in…

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