As a question of curiosity towards the community, what kind of junglers do you use that aren't specifically "Tier 1 Material?" In a word, junglers that you don't see picked 1 in every say 10 matches. 

I'm talking about junglers likeMorgana who has decent sustain and clear in the jungler with her W (Tormented Soil) and great teamfighting with her ultimate that allows her to AOE stun the enemy team. Add this to the fact that she has a CC nullifying shield and she makes a great asset on any team. The tradeoffs to this being her rather lackluster ganks during the laning phase with only 1 form of CC and her inability to duel many other junglers.

Another great example of this type of jungler would beDr. Mundo who's amazing jungle clear time and invade potential allow him to harass his rival jungler to no end. Hunting them down with his amazing dueling potential and becoming a massive health sponge by mid-late game. The drawback's to Mundo include potentially being kited and bad ganks without performing an ambush gank a side lane or having your laner bait the enemy in first.

And just to add another Jungler who you don't see very often, Skarner is very underrated as a jungler. Having insane dueling potential and a threatening bruiser later on. His ganks however, hinder him as he needs to be within melee range to CC the opponent.

A common theme between these less seen junglers is their lack of ganking potential early. Now with how the meta is swinging into fast-pushing strategies and early turrets, this can be understandable. Having your lane opponent be ahead of you with your jungler unable to help is a daunting situation. Now with Riot's buff to turret armor prior to the 8 minute mark, maybe some of these junglers will come back into the scene.

I leave you with a few questions of: What other niche junglers do you play? How are they effective? Do you hope to see any changes in their kits? How do you think Riot could bring them back into the game?

TL;DR I don't think you would've contributed anything useful anyways if you didn't even take the time to read anything.