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CCC5 Poll

Lykrast September 13, 2014 User blog:Lykrast

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Precise results of each poll are below.

1st : Linkhan the Horseman of Apocalypse by Commando Marko
2nd : Venor the Bloodseeker by Scudmarx
3rd : Visus the Eyes of Judgement by Drevan

Winner : Scudmarx


I'm quoting Will on this one, blame him/her/it if it's poorly worded.

Your champion must feature a unique, champion-specific item:

  • There can be more than one item.
  • The item can be in the main inventory or in the trinket slot.
  • The item can be of any type, including a consumable.
  • There is no restriction on what stats and effects you can have on your item.
  • If your item is purchased from the shop, you are allowed to have other champions purchase it as well, so long as the item is only available when your champion is in the game.


1. Morma the craftsman by Lykrast
2. Bonnie the Sweet Tooth by Ragemutt
3. Linkhan the Horseman of Apocalypse by Commando Marko
4. Alyssa the Origin of That Which is Round by JmLion
5. Yngaire the Queen of Thieves by RoznosicielCiast
6. Visus the Eyes of Judgement by Drevan
7. Colt the Grand Inventor by ErdamonPL
8. Xywzekszykwy the Panimaginative by Poisonshark
9. Theophilus the Highest Mage by Purrrley
10. Osiri of the lost Pride by Grrrbear26
11. Arkan the High Shaman by VivAdrasteia
12. Regoul the Bilgewater's Merchant by Xyclone010
13. Lockie the Yokai Friend by Adventurer, Tery
14. Maria Queen of the Arctic Storm by ShininGeek
15. Venor the Bloodseeker by Scudmarx


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