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CCC6 Poll

Lykrast October 12, 2014 User blog:Lykrast

Original post.

Winner : Draven and DBinitiate

Draven already won once, so DBinitiate


Your champion must interact with summoner spells in some way. Yep, nothing more than that.


1. Gideon, the Former Summoner by DBinitiate
2. Magia, the Spell Twister by JmNyan
3. Connie, the Time Thief by Ragemutt
4. Terrigon, the Outlaw Summoner by Grrrbear26
5. Freud, the Ex-Summoner by VirusVirus
6. Arimse, the World Weaver by Drheyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaaven


Lykrast CCC6 Poll1 Lykrast CCC6 Poll2 Lykrast CCC6 Poll3

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