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Double the items

Lykrast March 2, 2014 User blog:Lykrast

Imagine a gamemode where all items gives 2x the stats and unique passives and all. And with item actives with halved cooldowns cause it's doubled and all.

Here are some examples:

Yeah, you know that! 300% AD crits half the time, and a completly stupid amount of AD to go with it!

Do I really need to explain this?

What carry never dreamed of an item with +200 AD and +36% lifesteal? Of course, none of them!

Kiss goodbye your mana problems, and get max CDR with a single item!

Not op at all!

Another carry's dream item! Nothing really to say more...

Melt'em down their health!

If you were wondering, that's how you counter the ADC that farmed a little.

And that's how you counter the APC.

Dr. Mundo Mundo!

Aaaaand, that's how you counter the guy with Thornmail item.png Thornmail.

Same, but for the APC.

Entire team is escaping!

A huge and lenghty large AoE large range slow that deals a "free" 280 damage! Remember: ms can't be slowed below 110, so you don't walk backwards.

10 regen a second, almost vanilla Warmog health, lots of CDR, oneshot a minion wave and a little more, shield an ally for a crazy shield, and let the timebomb ticks!

So tell me, would you like to play on a gamemode like that ?

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