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Hard bots ?

Lykrast September 21, 2013 User blog:Lykrast

Since I play mostly bots games, I ask myself why there is not an Hard difficulty to bot... I mean... theorically, bots can be way stronger than humans players, an example ?

I've made a DotA-like map for Warcraft III (not online, try not to search it, you will never find it), where, of course since I know how to do that, I made some bots, for example, one of the heroes in this map is an AD assassin (called "Tiefh", but that's not important), with a cast time of almost nothing, well the bot make a QWER (that's his combo) in less than 0.5 seconds, perfectly landing his missable stun by the way. That's just an example, because, who can make Q+click+W+click+E+click+R+click in that window (and no smart cast, that's Warcraft III) ? Well, this bot can... (and it's still possible to kill him, except if he chooses you)

That was just an example, but it could be applicable for LoL, with the best example coming to my mind is Ryze Ryze, because who here can cast all his spells with perfect timing ? Well, a bot could...

Well, you'll ask yourself probably "Why are you saying that bots can be op ?", well because Intermediate bots are just so easy to beat... I literraly never loses against them now. So it's maybe time to get some Hard bots, don't you think ?

On a side note, that would be good to get the intermediate one in custom games... just because... well that wouldn't require that much work... and that would be good...

And if someone have a NA account, he could report this to the forum, so Riot could see...

TL;DR : we need Hard bots, and if you can, post that on NA forums.