NOTE : If anyone can post it on the NA Forum, feel free to do so.

What if we could REALLY customize CUSTOM games, like :

  • Set starting gold
  • Set gold gain
  • Set XP (in game XP) rate
  • Add/Remove periodic XP
  • Change delay between minion waves
  • Make inhibitors already and always destroyed
  • Change respawn delays of neutral monsters
  • Change duration of neutral buffs
  • No towers (Nexus vulnerable)
  • No minions
  • No neutral monsters
  • No recall/Change recall's delay
  • Extra stats (like in Dominion/Twisted Treeline; like everybody has 100% lifesteal and 100% spell vamp; 100% CDR (Karthus for the win!); or not that huge like just +10% AD and AP)

That's only a few examples, but it would be very cool if you think about it. Here is an example of what you could do :

  • Summoner's Rift, 2000 starting gold, gains 10 times more gold, gains 10 times more XP, gains periodic XP, inhibitors already and always destroyed, 5 seconds between minions waves; for a fast game were carry and pushers shines.

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