1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 403.75 (+71.45) Attack damage (+0)
Health regen. 5.8 (+0.695) Attack speed 0.636 (+0.341%)
Mana 367.45 (+66.35) Armor 26.4 (+3.04)
Mana regen. 7.0 (+0.803) Magic resist. 30 (+0)
Attack range 150 (525) Mov. speed N/A

Gaila is a custom template champion in League of Legends. A mage specializes in scripture spell. His weapon is a thin rapier that uses its tip to write a rune words.


Rune Mark
Adaptive Armor mastery 2014

Innate: His ability and Ally's Immobilizing Hard Crowd Control applies a Rune Mark for 4 seconds. This will trigger on his next basic attack, dealing 10 - 146 (based on level) (+50% AP) Ability power Magic Damage.

Rune Mastery: A Rune Totem is been summoned in the Base Platform, right click then a panel opens where she can choose freely with different Adaptive Armor mastery 2014 Rune. Each Adaptive Armor mastery 2014 Rune have different effects on trigger.

Disrupt Scripts
COST: 35 mana
COOLDOWN: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6
Fully Stacked Mejai's profileicon

Active: Writes rune in the air and send it to the target direction, affecting the First Champion it hit. This will deal Ability power Magic Damage and have Silence icon Disrupting effect.

Magic Damage:
50 / 65 / 80 / 95 / 110 (+35% AD) (+25% AP)

Triggering a Adaptive Armor mastery 2014 Rune Mark of this spell will reduce his Cooldown reduction icon global cooldown by 10%.

COST: 55 Mana
COOLDOWN: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8
Elementalist profileicon

Active: Instantly gain Movement speed icon Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds and caus tree s his next basic attack deal bonus Ability power Magic Damage, Slow icon slow for 90% which gradually recovers speed in over 2.5 seconds and apply Adaptive Armor mastery 2014 Rune Mark.

Bonus Magic Damage:
20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 (+25% AP)

Movement Speed:
55% / 60% / 65% / 70% / 75%

This mark allows her and Ally Champion, trigger the mark. Which on trigger, grants Hybrid resistances icon Shield for 5 seconds.

Trigger Shield:
50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+25% AP)
Rune Trap
COST: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 mana
Ki Burst

Active: Marks the target area in the ground with Adaptive Armor mastery 2014 Rune Cell which arms after 0.75 second delay. Enemy Champion who walks through it will trigger the mark and entraps all unit after 1.2 second delay. Unit will be Root icon rooted, deal Ability power Magic Damage and apply Adaptive Armor mastery 2014 Rune Mark.

Magic Damage:
70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+85% AP)

Root Duration:
1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 seconds

This trap lasts for 10 minutes and she can make up to maximum of 12 traps. Unit affected by the trap for the last 10 seconds, next trap will have 50% Root icon root duration.

Rune Curse
COOLDOWN: 160 / 130 / 100
On-Target Effect Radius: 700
Dark Star Sigil item

Active: Writes a forbidden Rune spell to the target with Adaptive Armor mastery 2014 Rune Mark. This will deal Ability power Magic Damage in over 5 seconds.

Total Magic Damage:
400 / 600 / 800 (+150% AP)

Dark Star Sigil itemRune Curse directs Hybrid penetration True Damage to marked unit for every unit dies and every Adaptive Armor mastery 2014 Rune Mark triggered at target's Ranged role triggering radius.

True Damage:
50 / 100 / 150 (+25% AP) (+40% bonus AD)

Unit marked by Dark Star Sigil itemRune Curse cannot apply Adaptive Armor mastery 2014 Rune Mark until the effect ends.

Avilon, the Roc

Courier: Gaila can freely purchase in any map and the courier would be Avilon, at her side, that picks up in the shop the all purchased items. Avilon has a 600 unit movement speed that travels across the map.

Rune Spell: At the start of the game, she has a Rune Sword in her item slot which it can’t be sold. This sword can be crafted by the Rune Spell on its blade, which each rune spell has different effects. And a rune spell can be purchase in the shop.

Essence Disruption
RANGE: 645
COST: 80 / 85 / 90 / 95 / 100 mana
COOLDOWN: 12 / 11.5 / 11 / 10.5 / 10

Active: Release a rune magic toward the target lane that deal Magic damage to every unit it encounter then if it hit a champion it explode dealing same amount of damage to in the area to all unit nearby, 270-range. A single unit cannot take multiple damage from encountering Rune Projectile and its AOE explosion. Then apply Silence icon silence to all damaged unit for 1 second duration.

  • Magic Damage: 75 / 110 / 145 / 180 / 215 (+60% bonus AD) (+55% AP)

All unit damaged is also been marked by Rune Mark, which this mark applies bonus effect on-hit. Mark lasts in over 3 second.

Runic Stand
RANGE: 390 unit radius
COST: 100 mana
COOLDOWN: 20 / 19 / 18 / 17 / 16

Passive: Moving toward the ward will gain them bonus movement speed.

  • Bonus Movement Speed: 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 18%

Active : Summon a rune ward in the target position, this ward protects the nearby ally giving them a maximum amount of shield in over 2 second while inside the range of ward. This shield absorb incoming damages and then gives unit an immunity in incoming Stun icon stun and Knockdown icon knockdown effects. Ward lasts for 10 second in place.

  • Shield amount: 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 (+80% AP)
Ability Details
Is a target position ward type of spell that ward gives buff to nearby units.

Additional Information:

  • Runic Ward gives 400-unit radius of vision.
  • Leaving in the range of ward or after the ward expire will cause to decay the shield by 25% amount in every 0.5 second.
  • Accepting damage from champion will stop the generation of shield while inside the ward range, but after not taking damage in over 2 second, the shield starts to generate again to its maximum amount.
  • Runic ward has a 5 lifetime bar, same with true sight ward.
Knight Charge
COST: 25 mana

Toogle Switch-Rune Sword : On active, she became melee, gain a flat movement speed in over 2 second that decays overtime and her every basic attack released deal bonus magic damage. Triggering Rune mark will apply Slow icon slow to target for 2 second.

  • Bonus Magic Damage: 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 (+25% AP)
  • Movement Speed: 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+35% AP)
Forbidden Spells
COST: 25 mana

Toogle Switch-Rune Casts: On active, she became range with 525-range and then in every attack will deal bonus magic damage on-hit. Then triggering Rune mark will reduce the target’s defense in over 2 second.

  • Bonus Magic Damage: 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 (+20% AP)
Rune Curse
RANGE: 700
COST: 150 mana
COOLDOWN: 115 / 100 / 85

Active: Cast a rune curse toward the target unit dealing an magic damage after 0.8 second delay, this can be dodged when a caster is lost vision of a target, target become invulnerable, target become untargetable and if the caster will be silenced. This will deal magic damage to target then apply Rune Curse Mark in over 10 seconds. This gives a vision to target when a unit is inside the distance from the caster for 1400-range. Moving to a maximum of given range will remove the vision in them but still mark is not removed except if it expires.

  • Magic Damage: 250 / 325 / 400 (+75% AP)
  • Directive Magic Damage to marked unit: 60 / 70 / 80 (+26% AP)

This mark redirects the pain of nearby enemy, ally or neutral units died in target’s vicinity range, including stealthed units. Which every unit dies will deal as magic damage to marked unit, and damage amount is doubled if the unit die is allied or enemy champion. Summoned units like jack in the box are not included.



Rune CollectorEdit

Arrow Rune

Effect: Allows Gaila to release a magical arrow at Ranged role 600 range to trigger the mark.

Big Rune

Effect: Increase the size of target by 250% making them susceptible to incoming projectiles.

Bubble Rune
On-Target Cooldown: 10

Effect: Encases the target in the Bubble for 1.5 seconds. Stun icon Stunning and drifted in random direction for 300 unit movement speed.

Change Rune
On-Target Cooldown: 8

Effect: Polymorphs the target for 1.25 seconds.

Cloud Rune

Effect: On trigger she will gain a cloud mobile wgere she can mount on it. She will gain (+10% movement speed) which stacks up to 5 times for 4 seconds duration.

Create Rune

Effect: Rune Mark triggered will recreate in over 4 seconds when Gaila is in Ranged role 600 units away from the target.

Dark Rune
On-Target Cooldown: 12

Effect: Nearsight icon Nearsights an enemy with 90% of their vision reduced for 2 seconds.

Dash Rune

Effect: Gain Dash dash to marked target at Ranged role 500 unit range.

Dream Rune

Effect: Dream of great desires, allowing her to deal 10% increase damage on-trigger.

🌍 Rune

Effect: His next attack to matked target will become Ranged role 550 range which a wall of earth emerges toward the target Airborne icon knocking sideways all unit hit and wall will stay for 5 seconds.

Erase Rune
On-Target Cooldown: 25

Effect: Erase the existence of target for 1.5 seconds, making them Playful untargetable in the process.

Fight Rune

Effect: Grant (+1 permanent bonus AD) per mark trigger.

🔥 Rune

Effect: Ignites the target dealing Ability power Magic Damage equal to the triggered damaged of rune mark in over 3 seconds.

Flight Rune
RANGE: 2500

Effect: When moving toward marked target she will grant wings to ignore wall and unit collision. She will also gain (+75 bonus movement speed).

Freeze Rune

Effect: Stun icon stun the target for 0.75 seconds.

Glow Rune

Effect: All rune mark applies True Sight icon True Sight on the duration of mark and same duration after trigger.

Illusion Rune

Effect: On-trigger, it summons Gaila an illusion that it deal 30% of damage and accept 300% more damage.

Jump Rune

Effect: Jump at great height after entering marked target range of Ranged role 350 unit distance. Become Playful untargetable for 0.75 seconds of jump.

Light Rune

Effect: Light emerges from the target after On-Trigger, healing nearby unit for (+2.5% of target's max health) per second in over 3 seconds.

Little Rune
On-Target Cooldown: 15

Effect: Reduce the target's size by 50% and reduce their damage dealt by 50% for 2 seconds.

🔐 Rune

Effect: Creates an area around target unit, prohibiting any unit caught inside to go outside the area with any means that lasts for 4 seconds.

Mirror Rune
On-Target Cooldown: 7

Effect: On trigger unit will be marked by mirror which reflects 35% of damage they release whether in spell of basic attack in over 3.5 seconds.

Mist Rune

Effect: On trigger creates a mist, which acts like a brush and thoae enemy unit who enters it will deal (50 True Damage) per second. Mist lasts for 5 seconds.

Move Rune

Effect: Teleport the marked target at her at the range of Ranged role 350 units.

Power Rune
On-Target Cooldown: 10

Effect: Trigger will deal (+5% of target's max health) and Airborne icon Knock away unit for Ranged role 275 units.

Return Rune
On-Target Cooldown: 25

Effect: Return the target unit to the position on the last 3 seconds.

Sand Rune

Effect: Grounded icon Ground for 5 seconds and briefly Root icon root the target for 0.75 seconds on-trigger.

Shadow Rune
On-Target Cooldown: 35

Effect: On-Trigger she became a shadow form, making her Playful untargetable but she can continue deal damage while in this form for 3.5 seconds.

Shield Rune

Effect: Gain (+10% of max health) Hybrid resistances icon shield on trigger, refresh the amount and duration on continuous trigger of mark.

Silent Rune

Effect: Silence icon Silence the target for 1.75 seconds.

Sleep Rune
On-Target Cooldown: 24

Effect: On-trigger makes the target Drowsy icon drowsy by (+35% Slow icon slow) for 1.5 seconds after put the target Sleep icon sleep for the same duration. Unit will awake while sleeping, but deal Hybrid penetration True damage equal to (+10% of his missing health).

❄ Rune

Effect: Target will be Slow icon slowed by 80% in over 3 seconds which recover speed over time.

Song Rune

Effect: On-trigger cretes a soothing sound Heal power healing Gaila for (+4% of her max health).

Storm Rune
On-Target Cooldown: 25

Effect: Flee icon Fear the target for 1.5 seconds while she will deal 25% increase damage.

Time Rune

Effect: Time explosion at trget's radius, Slow icon slowing all unit caught while she gain (+25% movement speed) per enemy champion caught that lasts for 3.5 seconds.

Sword Rune

Effect: Strikes the target twoce with her basic attack, second attack will deal 50% of damage.

💧 Rune
On-Target Cooldown: 15

Effect: Deal (+10% of target's missing health) then stops all health regeneration and healing for 4 seconds.

Wind Rune

Effect: Basic Attack on trigger will create a gust of wind at Gaila's surroundings, Airborne icon knocking away units for 0.75 seconds at Ranged role 300 units.