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User blog:Lyndongwapo/If you want to be a superhero...what champion in LOL would choose to be?


If you want to be a superhero...what champion in LOL would choose to be?

Hello summoner,

Do you want to be a superhero? I know that all of you has a speck of memories of being a hero from your childhood dreams. I know that all players has great phantasm minds, full of imagination. Here's the challenge, I want you to choose from the LOL champs as a superhero then the villain are: Superhero from any comics or character in mangga, champion in LOL, and etc. You can improvise the ability of your hero and state the statistics of your ability but it must be close to reality. You can also add up costume. 


Hero: Super Teemo..(state his costume, empowered abilities and etc.)

Villain: Son goku

Battle: Boom Boom Clap..blah blah blah..until Goku stepped on his death million mine creating an explosion but goku survives in explosion but Goku killed in the poison..but sadly teemo also died in his mine...ahahah Poor teemo

You could also comment to other if their hero is too overpowered, and you could also defend the character as Villain if its death is not justifiable...

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