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New Game Mode: Wild Wakes (Battle of the Ancient) (champ reworked)

Wild Wakes is a new game mode concept made for League of Legends. This game mode is a 4v4 which you can choose on 2 type of game in Wild Wakes, the Battle of Champions where it uses champions of league of legends and the Battle of Ancient Warrior where you can choose 4 types of champion which is the ancient warriors. These ancient warrior is only suitable in this game and they are not compatible in the game mode Summoner's Rift since they are too overpowered to join in the battle. This game mode is like a summoner's rift where conquering both nexus of each side. An ancient warrior can purchase an exclusive items which is the Ancient Weapon. This Ancient Weapon gives effects and either a new skills, which this item is only exclusive in this map. All of the items in the summoner's rift is also available in this map, Wild Wakes.

Ancient Warrior

Ancient Weapon

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