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    Urf, the Vegenful Spirit is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Movespeed and Magic on-hit damage. 700



    |cooldown = 20 |cost= |costtype = mana |range= 500 }} Note : a new living dead will spawn istantly at the tombstone when the previous one dies. If a living dead survives for 5 seconds it will spawn a new one. Once the tombstone disapears all living dead will die instantly. (This will make it a max of 3 living dead (with the 3rd one lasting for 1 second

    seconds seconds

    |cooldown = 8 |cost= 5% of current HP |costtype = health |range= 650 }}

    |cooldown= 10 |cost= No |costtype= mana |range= 250 }}

    |cooldown = |cost = 200 |costtype = mana |range= 250 }} STILL WIP (WORK IN PROGRESS). OPEN FOR COMMENTS

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  • Lynzkar

    Requesting deleation

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  • Lynzkar

    Team Taric

    February 14, 2013 by Lynzkar

    So Basicly i got this ranked team i made for me and some of my IRL friends, but then one of them decided to leave, so we decided to make a different one (we still suck, so we keep making new ones). But i dont want this epic ranked team name to go to waste so if someone would like to join me on EUW to make an unserious team out of it?

    Requiments :

    • you need an level 30 EUW account (We will probary not play much ranked, but it's fun to try sometimes
    • No flaming (saying, "no offence but you are doing sort of bad this game" is not flaming, it's being honest)
    • Taric is da best
    • Dont be to serious, It's an unserious team for fun 
    • Voice chat makes it more fun (though it's not requied)
    • Respect other people
    • Idontevenknowwhattosayanymore

    I can't find anything sm…

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  • Lynzkar

    Minor Balance Rework

    February 12, 2013 by Lynzkar

    Lately I've been complaning to my self why Riot dosen't buff that, nerf that ect. So I decided to make a list over changes I'd like to see ingame. I would love comments on what you think about my "changes". (I will add why I would like to see the different changes later)


    }} Restores mana to the target champion. Soraka cannot use Infuse on herself.

    |description2 = Silences the target and deals magic damage to it.

    |leveling =

    |leveling2 =


    |cooldown = 10

    |range = 725

    |cost = 40/30/20/10/No Cost



    • Changed from a flat 16 magic resist to scaling magic resist by  
    • Increased range from 500 to 650


    • Increased mana cost from 0 to  
    • Increased mana scaling from to  
    • Increased silence duration from seconds to seconds 
    • Decreased magic damage from …

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