So Basicly i got this ranked team i made for me and some of my IRL friends, but then one of them decided to leave, so we decided to make a different one (we still suck, so we keep making new ones). But i dont want this epic ranked team name to go to waste so if someone would like to join me on EUW to make an unserious team out of it?

Requiments :

  • you need an level 30 EUW account (We will probary not play much ranked, but it's fun to try sometimes
  • No flaming (saying, "no offence but you are doing sort of bad this game" is not flaming, it's being honest)
  • Taric is da best
  • Dont be to serious, It's an unserious team for fun 
  • Voice chat makes it more fun (though it's not requied)
  • Respect other people
  • Idontevenknowwhattosayanymore

I can't find anything smart to say here D: