• Lytheman

    I play League of Legends because it is awsome and lots of fun! It keeps my mind off of life. It distracts me from my bad life. I tried many games like Dota. But none is as good as League of Legends! I always play it day to night. It is a kick ass game comparing to like HON(my opinion). It is a good game to play with friends. I recommended this game to all my friends. This is the best game I played!

    I have many favorite champions. But ill just stick with 3 to make it more short. 1 of my favorite champions is Nocturne. He is awsome and easy to play. I create phrases with his Frozen Nocturne skin. Like to morgana ill say when i kill her if she has the cooking skin "It seems like your cookies gone.....cold!" But my friends thinks its dumb -.-.


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