I play League of Legends because it is awsome and lots of fun! It keeps my mind off of life. It distracts me from my bad life. I tried many games like Dota. But none is as good as League of Legends! I always play it day to night. It is a kick ass game comparing to like HON(my opinion). It is a good game to play with friends. I recommended this game to all my friends. This is the best game I played!

I have many favorite champions. But ill just stick with 3 to make it more short. 1 of my favorite champions is Nocturne. He is awsome and easy to play. I create phrases with his Frozen Nocturne skin. Like to morgana ill say when i kill her if she has the cooking skin "It seems like your cookies gone.....cold!" But my friends thinks its dumb -.-.

My 2nd favorite character is Xin zhao. He is awsomley op! especially late game. He was my first melee character. And i was fed. So I started playing him as main.Thats probabbly it.

My 3rd favorite charater is Ezreal. He was my first League of Legends Character! He is awsome at skill shots and is pretty fun to play as. Its kind of difficult since you always have to aim. But overall i still play as him today. Thanks for reading my page. And i hope you choose me. Bye!