I know there is too much words sorry :)

Okay so i've realized no one plays Shen, just a few players who is just likes to play with him other then he's broken. Back in days Shen was a monster, he was absolutely insta-ban. But what happend ?

They said he's good but not on curret meta. 2 Season just passed and still there is not any sight of him. I've checked every Rework idea for Shen on forums, wiki, blog etc. etc. After his rework Shen just did become a crap or someting, no one didnt play/pick him. Even he was not selecting but still got his nerfs since Season 2.

What we can do ? What Riot can do ? His kit is okay but later his useless AP ratio and high cost energy skill makes him very very bad. 120 Energy taunt + 60 shield + 50 Q. In fights cant think right. Missing taunts price is high. What do you guys think ? What we can do for him and his skills ? I've some ideas, i've tried to make him still good at late game.

Lets start with Ki Strike Passive

Shen passive is good, scaling with health dealing enough damage for him. But just one thing i dont like it and that 4 + (4 × Shen's level)   its very useless i'm thinking to change with maybe ( % 10 Bonus AD ) + (  % 10 Bonus Health ). What do you think ?

Vorpal Blade's sustain thing is good too. But it would be nice if has synergy with Ki Strike, becasue Ki Strike is Shen's main damage thing. Maybe we can add ( If Ki Strike hits marked target heal incrases by % 10 or 20 ? )  and % 50 Bonus AD ratio instead of % 60 AP ?

Feint is the most bad skill on Shen. Scaling with AP ratio with low base stats its useless every time. Costs 50 energy and not usefull. I've no idea what can we do or Riot can do for this skill.  Cant add HP ratio because he already has 2 skill with HP ratio.

Shadow Dash is one of the Shen main reason role as tank.  Only problem is energy cost,  100 energy would be nice. But again its Shen's only thing for when we looking other tanks or supports they have more than 1 CC skill. So we cant give Shen another CC but how about giving every Ki Strike reduces cooldown of Shadow Dash by 1 second ? and increasing cooldown to 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 seconds?

Stand United is okay too. Maybe lowering shield ratio to 200/400/600 ( % 100 AP ) from 250/550/850 ( % 135 AP ) would enough. and adding every successfull Shadow Dash reduces Stand United by 2 seconds ?