So do you guys remember when we had the Black Market Brawler minigame, for the Bilgewater Event, and it had some pretty cool items.  So far Dead Man's Plate is the only Black Market item that remains in the main game, the rest are pretty much long gone unfortunately.  But I think it would be cool to have some of the Black Market items to return to the game for the highly anticipated, Mid-Year Mage Update!  The reason why they should be re-added is because these items provide everything an AP Mage would need:Mana regen, CDR, AP, and even mobility!

    Here is the list of what should be added for the MYMU:  

    Rite of Ruin is an item that costs 3000 [1] and 765 [2] if its components, Lost Chapter and Amplifying Tone, are already bought.  This item p…

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