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  • My occupation is I am actually an immortal being sent here to study Earth and this universe. I come from a world much like the one that you call Kayle used to live in. Currently my disguise is a student.
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    Love you all huehuehue

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    It has recently come to my interest that I am low on viable junglers/supports.

    Which is why I am here to ask the community:

    Who the hell should I buy?

    Currently for junglers:

    I like junglers who either when they farm, they farm like nuts or when they gank, they are insanely good.

    I like junglers with good sustain. Nope, sorry 

    I prefer AD junglers, but AP does fine as well.

    I already have: Amumu, Cho'Gath, Jax, Kha'Zix, Master Yi, Nunu, Shyvana, and Udyr.

    Also: Yasuo, but... the last time I played him it didn't go to well...

    ON THE LIST: Hecarim during Free Week, j4rvan, and a retry of Yasu-Op Jungle. Madstone is love. Madstone is life.

    Currently for supports:

    I either would prefer a large amount of CC or some sort of heal. Both would be even better. …

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    URF- what we learned

    April 13, 2014 by META mahn

    So URF is gone tomorrow as of the day I write this, unless if Rito extends the time by a week again.

    However, we learned quite a bit from all our URF experiences.

    Here are just a few:

     joins the spin to win list, along with 

    You can never win a snowball fight against .

    Everyone can be Boxbox and Megazero with .

    Lasers are omnipresent with  and .

    Everyone dies every 40 seconds with .

     has way too many hooks.

    Got anymore? Put it in the comments section.

    GL HF,


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