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    Think About It - Hybrids

    March 30, 2014 by MOTZI
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    Greetings summoners !

    I'm MOTZI and after getting enough experience either in LoL on in LoL's Wiki i decided to be more active by creating Blog Posts, Custom Champions (soon) and some surprises as well to discover !

    First of all, i want to explain what the title tag [Think About It] means; well it simply means an interactive discussion about a certain feature or a subject that you guys would share your thoughts about it.

    Now that we know each other, let's move on to my first Blog Posts !

    2. MAIN

    , (don't ask me why i've chosen Draven) previously known as ADC are considered a primordial role in every team comp as they do high damage to a single target by mostly Auto Attacking wich, unlike mages, don't need a single  nor kinda unaffec…

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