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I'm MOTZI, today in the [Think About It] topic we'll discuss Hybrids champions and items. From now on i'll use a web-like template using top buttons to separate contents, i hope you guys find this usefull.

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First you might ask yourself what the word Hybrid means ...

It is the result of combining 2 or more elements, in LoL we call hybrids to champions that can deal both Doran's Blade item.png Physical damage and Doran's Ring item.png Magical Damage

> The first champion that come into my mind is Jax JAXIMUS !!1! , he does damage, he does a lot ! And this damage is both physical and magical thanks to his ultimate Grandmaster's Might.png Grandmaster's Might : every third attack will grant him additional magic damage, his Empower.png Empower can " empower " (duh) either his Q or his next basic attack with increased attack speed thanks to Relentless Assault.png Relentless Assault. Add to all this some items that enhance his kit ; Trinity Force item.png TONS OF DAMAGE .

And then there is : " Imagine if i had a real weapon "Jax Jax

Wait ! Don't think that if a champion can be played in both way is called a Hybrid, for example Tristana Tristana isn't hybrid. Yes she can be played both as Attack Damage and Ability Power but playing her both with AD and AP items, masteries and runes would simply result in a fail. Since she won't do damage as much as if she were AD or AP. Also needless to say that having both physical and magical ratios dosen't make the champion a hybrid ...

A true hybrid draws its strength from his overall kit enhanced by items, runes and masteries : as a second example Kayle Kayle is (or was as i remember in Saison 2 Kayle was mostly played as AD or hybrid) good for being both a physical and magical damage dealer, while Righteous Fury.png Righteous Fury offer bonus magical splash damage she could easily have both magical and physical items ; Nashor's Tooth item.png Nashor's Tooth or Hextech Gunblade item.png Hextech Gunblade and still be a viable Fighter as her first role confirms.

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" The biggest challenge to a true damage-focused hybrid champion is penetration " - Shigfugjum

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