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  • Makbloo

    Kassadin is finally(?) getting reworked and the basic kit is already on PBE. I myself have been a Kassadin player ever since I started and so I though of making this post explaining my ideas and the reasoning behind them and of course reading the community's ideas about them. Before introducing my ideas I provide a link with his live and pbe kits.

    Kassadin's live and PBE kits


    Passive: Void Stone

    Kassadin takes 15% reduced magic damage and ignores unit collision.

    NOTES: no change. i like the new passive, since it removes the AS steroid, for trading it with better utility, especially during early game, helping last hit and survive early ganks, while also making better synergy with the new ulti I am suggesting.

    Q: Null Sphere


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  • Makbloo

    Good evening fellow members!

    This is just a short post, where I would like to ask some questions concerning posting on official Riot forums. As most of you know Yorick is getting a total rework (here's the link ) and since I am a very experienced Yorick player, I have some suggestions concerning his rework. I currrently play on EUNE Server and since the discussion is help in the NA forums, I cannot comment there unless I creater an account there.

    If anyone knows I would like to know, whether creating an account just for the purpose of commenting on formus that will actually be read by Riot would cause the account to be deleted, since I wont ever play with that account.

    The other alternative would be to create my own thread on the EUNE forums, b…

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  • Makbloo

    Patch 3.7 thoughts

    May 15, 2013 by Makbloo

    Just some thoughts on the upcoming patch.

    (all changes can be seenhere)

    So we have some tweaks on champions like , , , etc., some buffs, changes and nerfs.

    As far as tweaks are concerned, GJ riot on fixing the bug, but really there's not so much to tell, aside from the change in ulti.

    What I would like to discuss however is the changes/nerfs/buffs on , , and .

    Starting with  , I agree with the changes in her shield, but reducing the damage on her is concerned, I really liked how they reduced his actual damage, but heavily increased his damage potential when in , as well as the buff. Interesting changes, I think, that will allow for more plays and strategies.

    Moving on to now, reducing his overall damage was surely justified, since h…

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  • Makbloo

    Sraugoth, The Serpent Lord

    August 29, 2012 by Makbloo

    Introduction: This is basically a half human half serpent champion (like Cassiopeia). Sraugoth is a melee tanky champion better suited for 1v1 fights. Hope you enjoy! =D

    Please comment and give suggestions, they are apreciated!

    P.S. Dont downvote for no reasons please

    Cost: [1] 6300 or [2] 975

    Attributes: Fighter, Melee

    Health 450 (+77) Attack damage 56 (+3.6)
    Health regen. 6.3 (+0.5) Attack speed 0.645 (+2.7%)
    Poison 200(+50) Armor 15 (+3.0)
    Poison regen. 10/second Magic res. 30 (+0.0)
    Range 125 Mov. speed 315

    Patch Unknown

    Swamp's Poison (Innate):Instead of Mana every spell spends an amount of Poison in order to be casted.Every autoattack will return 6/8/10 Poison at levels 1/7/13. For every 10% of maximum Poison available the champion is grant…

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  • Makbloo

    Attributes: Tank, Mage, Melee, Pusher

    Health 450 (+78) Attack damage 51 (+3.2)
    Health regen. 6.5 (+0.6) Attack speed 0.632 (+2.45%)
    Mana 260 (+45) Armor 17 (+3.5)
    Mana regen. 7.5 (0.6) Magic res. 30 (+0)
    Range Melee Mov. speed


    Patch Unknown

    Growing Shell (Innate): Every unit kill or champion assist grants 0.2 Armor and 0.2 Magic Resist and every champion kill grants 1 Armor and 1 Magic Resist. Caps at 100 bonus Armor and Magic Resist. Every 25 points gained cause Grolk Kar to grow in size.

    Ability Description Leveling Up
    Q: Poison Strike

    Active: The second mouth fires along with the first on the next auttoattack. This hit has enhanced damage and poisons the target and applies on-hit effects.

    Mana Cost: 45

    Additional Damage dealt: 20/30/40/50/60%…

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