Alright this is the first champion I design and I thought to start with a popular Fan - champion so I decided to make Kassadin's Daughter. Please leave your comments below. Feedback is also welocome! :D Enjoy!

Kion Ara, The Sacrifice of the Void Cost: [1] 6300 or 975

Attributes: Assassin, Mage, Stealth

Health 430 (+72) Attack damage 50 (+3.2)
Health regen. 6.0 (+0.55) Attack speed 0.645 (+2.7%)
Mana 350 (+50) Armor 17 (+3.0)
Mana regen. 6.5 (0.65) Magic res. 30 (+0)
Range 125 Mov. speed


Ability Set

Patch Unknown

Void Drain: (Innate):Kion Ara's Spell Vamp is increased by 10/15/20% per Spell casted from her.(stacks at 20%). This passive has a 3 seconds duration before the Spell Vamp is reduced to 0%.

Ability Description Leveling up
Q: Energy Strike

Passive: Grants 8% increase in Attack Damage proportional to the Ability Power Kion Ara has.

Active: Empowers her next autoattack to deal extra damage on the target and stun him for a short duration.

Stun Duration: 0.5 seconds

Mana Cost: 30/40/50/70/80

Damage dealt: 40/60/80/100/120 (+0.6per ability power)(+0.5 per attack damage)

Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5 seconds

W: Shadow Cloth

Passive:After casting a spell Kion Ara puts herself into a stealth stance. She remains there for 2 seconds or until she attacks an enemy

Active: Enhances her next spell with a bonus ability:

Q: Silences the target for 1 second

E: Grants vision of the champions hit for 3seconds

R: Gives +20% Movement speed and Attack speed to allied champions passing through the gate.

Mana Cost: 80

Cooldown: 12 seconds
E: Virus Infection

Active: Kion Ara infects 5 enemy champions and minions near her with a deadly virus slowing and damaging them over time.

Damage duration: 4 seconds

Slow Duration: 2 seconds


Radius: 500 AoE

Priorization: Lowest health champions priorizated over champions with more Health and minions

Mana Cost: 80/85/90/100/110

Damage dealt: 80/100/130/160/200 (+0.6 per ability power) (Over 4 seconds)

Slow: 30%

Cooldown: 8 seconds

R: Void Portal

Passive: After casting 3 spells Kion Ara is able to dash/teleport to the champion last hit by her spell.

Cast Range: 700

Active: Kion Ara creates a portal between the Void and Valoran enabling her and her allies to teleport in any area of the map. The gate remains open for 5 seconds. Passing back through the gate will return the champion to the area of the map he/she first passed through. Knockbacks also count as passing through the gate.

Range: Global (Requires visibility of the area teleported)

Mana Cost: 200

Cooldown: 200/180/160 seconds
Alterantive W or E : Illsusions

Using Void energy Kion Ara creates cloness of her to attack her enemies.

Number of clones: 1/1/2/2/3

Life duration: 5/6/7/8/9 seconds

Mana Cost: 50/55/60/65/75

Clones' stats:

Everything the same as Kion Ara's except from:

Attack Damage: 50/55/60/65/70% of her damage (+ 0.05%/ AD) Clones are not able to use abilities and are controlled like pets.

Cooldown: 10/10/9/9/8 seconds


Makbloo Kion Ara.jpg

Lore: Almost done.

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