Just some thoughts on the upcoming patch.

(all changes can be seenhere)

So we have some tweaks on champions like WarwickSquare Warwick , CassiopeiaSquare Cassiopeia , QuinnSquare Quinn , etc., some buffs, changes and nerfs.

As far as tweaks are concerned, GJ riot on fixing the bug, but really there's not so much to tell, aside from the change in WarwickSquare Warwick's ulti.

What I would like to discuss however is the changes/nerfs/buffs on RumbleSquare Rumble , ZacSquare Zac , DianaSquare Diana and ZedSquare Zed .

Starting with  DianaSquare Diana , I agree with the changes in her shield, but reducing the damage on her {{ai|Moonsilver Blade|Diana} , was not neccessary I think, since that hurts her farming ability a lot, especially the cleaving part.

As far as RumbleSquare Rumble is concerned, I really liked how they reduced his actual damage, but heavily increased his damage potential when in Junkyard Titan 3 Danger Zone , as well as the Electro Harpoon Electro Harpoon buff. Interesting changes, I think, that will allow for more plays and strategies.

Moving on to ZacSquare Zac now, reducing his overall damage was surely justified, since he is meant to be a tank and not a heavily AP built champion. Nevertheless, his health regen has been reduced from 12.5 to 7.0. This nerf will surely affect his sustain in the jungle, since his abilities' costs early game are very high, to be totally healed just with the blobs. Reducing his Tenacity provided b his ultimate, from 75% to 50% was also a big nerf, since now CC will affect the use of his ultimate in team-fight. Unneccessary in my opinion. 

(Just mentioning, that I am myself a ZacSquare Zac player, 79% win rate with him :3 )

Finally, the nerfs on ZedSquare Zed. Lets start with Razor Shuriken Razor Shuriken . Reducing the base damage was, I believe, justified, since he can apply pressure in the lane from early on the game, while being able to farm most effectivelly and has good escape mechanism. However, the reduction on the ability's ratio was not required, since it severely hurts his scale into mid to late game, especially when combined with the increase in Shadow Slash Shadow Slash 's cooldown, which by itself is not that bad, since ZedSquare Zed needs some CDR anyway. Concerning the reduction in the Vision Radius of his Living Shadow Living Shadow , "to bring in more in line with other abilities of this type" , mechanically speaking this change was OK, just to be fair with other champions, but ZedSquare Zed needs that extra vision, when searching for GarenSquare Garen hiding, or when chasing someone in the jungle, especially because of his reliability on this spell, to perform a good combo.

Anyway it's too late to write more, so I will leave it up to you to comment and discuss on the change that the new patch will bring.