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Makbloo June 30, 2013 User blog:Makbloo

Good evening fellow members!

This is just a short post, where I would like to ask some questions concerning posting on official Riot forums. As most of you know Yorick is getting a total rework (here's the link ) and since I am a very experienced Yorick player, I have some suggestions concerning his rework. I currrently play on EUNE Server and since the discussion is help in the NA forums, I cannot comment there unless I creater an account there.

If anyone knows I would like to know, whether creating an account just for the purpose of commenting on formus that will actually be read by Riot would cause the account to be deleted, since I wont ever play with that account.

The other alternative would be to create my own thread on the EUNE forums, but I dont think that this will be successful in any way.

Thanks for helping and have a great day!

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