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  • Manafai

    Rowen, the Relic of the Past is a fan-made champion in League of Legends.
    Any and all values appearing on this page are subject to change as seen fit by the original creator, Manafai, aka Death By A Bunny (pvp.net NA forums).

    |description2= Active - On Ally Cast: Rowen harmonizes his magic flow with an ally, boosting their magic power and resotring a portion of their missing mana.

    On Machine Cast: Grants a unique bonus effect to the selected machine. Bonus effects increase based on the skill level of the selected machine, not of Mana Transfer. |leveling2=

    |cooldown= 6 |cost= |costtype= mana |range= 625 }}

    |description2= Mana Transfer Bonus: Heal the golem for 30% its max HP. Additonally, for the next 2 seconds, the golem will absorb even more of th…

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