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    Energy Items

    March 16, 2013 by MarKassiN
    Ladies and gentlemen,

    I'll be very straightforward: I have two items to propose. They are fan concepts, and I do not expect RIOT to introduce such items in the game, but what if they actually existed? Give your opinion in the comments, I'll be glad to read it. However, I want you to discuss politely like the gentlemen we all are.

    - MKN

    "Even the old oak used to be an acorn."


    (475g) + (180g) + 346g

    Item cost: 1001 g


    + 230 Health ; +12 Health Regeneration ; +25 Energy


    UNIQUE: Increases your energy regeneration from all sources by 20%

    "They say that the King of the Rakkors can never die, because he is the son of the Sun, he embodies the force of Nature itself."    - Riven, The Exile


    (850g) + Life Spark (1001g) + 999g

    Item cost: 28…

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