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Energy Items

Ladies and gentlemen,

I'll be very straightforward: I have two items to propose. They are fan concepts, and I do not expect RIOT to introduce such items in the game, but what if they actually existed? Give your opinion in the comments, I'll be glad to read it. However, I want you to discuss politely like the gentlemen we all are.


MKN energizersmall
Life Spark

"Even the old oak used to be an acorn."


Ruby Crystal item.png Ruby_Crystal (475g) + Rejuvenation Bead item.png Rejuvenation_Bead (180g) + 346g

Item cost: 1001 g


+ 230 Health ; +12 Health Regeneration ; +25 Energy


UNIQUE: Increases your energy regeneration from all sources by 20%

MKN energizersmall2
Burst of Life

"They say that the King of the Rakkors can never die, because he is the son of the Sun, he embodies the force of Nature itself."    - Riven, The Exile


Kindlegem item.png kindlegem (850g) + Life Spark (1001g) + 999g

Item cost: 2850 g


+ 600 Health ; + 30 Health Regeneration ; + 50 Energy ; +15% Cooldown Reduction , +6% Movement Speed


UNIQUE: Increases your energy regeneration from all sources by 20%.

UNIQUE: For every 1% health you miss, you gain 1% additionnal energy regeneration. This stacks additively with the passive. (Maximum +80%)


Life Spark: Bonus energy reduced to 25 from 50.

Burst of Life: Bonus energy reduced to 50 from 100.

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