• Mashad'q

    Shen Rework ( New )

    November 6, 2014 by Mashad'q
    • Now gains energy per level (max: 250 energy at 18 Level)
    • Now gains magic resist per level.
    I did not add some things that I've deleted. Here they are
    • Ki Strike's static cooldown reduction from Feint is removed.
    • Vorpal Blade's instant heal removed.
    Other things I've added
    • Energy scaling on Ki Strike, Feint and Stand United.
    • Vorpal Blade's and Shadow Dash's range incrased.
    • Vorpal Blade's mark duration incrased.
    • Now Shen teleports to ally champion more quick while using Stand United.

    Maybe you guys think what is this " Energy scaling " thing. I just want to make Shen more special since he's the League's first ninja and the energy user.

    of Shen's maximum energy) and restores Energy.

    |description2= Every basic attack reduces the cooldown by 1 second. |s…

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  • Mashad'q

    So I was always thinking Shen's current status and I've found him forgotten. No one plays him and I've found him weak against other Top laner champions when I tried. And of course his powers are weak too.

    There is just a big problem on Shen and that is AP ratio on skills which is that players never building AP on Shen because its not tanky. In this meta many champions can do his job.

    I remember Shen was one of most dangerous champion and he was banned all the time. So I've tried this rework on Shen maybe he will gain his popularity again. I'm sharing my thoughts with you, leave your thoughts too in the comments and let's hope for Shen's return. So lets go :)

    First I was thinking we need special thing for Shen. Shen is the first champion who u…

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