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    Mal'Zor, the King of the Void is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Mal'Zor marks a target for 2.5 seconds, dealing magic damage. Auto Attacking the marked target deals additional magic damage. If Mal'Zor attacks the target 3 times the mark is removed and the target takes the initial damage again. The mark can be cast on towers but the initial and final instances of damage apply 15% reduced magic resist for 2.5 seconds instead of doing damage.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = mana |range = 700 }}

    Mal'zor deals bonus magic damage on his basic attacks and gains bonus attack speed. The bonus magic damage affects towers.

    |description2 = Mal'Zor's Range is increased by 250 and basic attacks deal a percentage of the targets m…

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  • Masterzach32

    Yomu - the Dark Wind

    January 30, 2014 by Masterzach32

    Hello, !

    This is my second champion concept, and I hope you like it!

    --- Lore will be added soon ---

    Yomu, the Dark Wind is a custom champion in League of Legends.


    |description2 = Wind Storm: Yomu's resource bar tracks his wind. It starts a 0 and caps at 100. Yomu gains 8 + (0.66level) wind each time he basic attacks and when his abilities hit enemies. When Yomu reaches 100 wind, he gains a buff called One with the Wind, giving his next ability an enhanced effect. Enhanced abilities cost double wind. }}

    Sends a whirlwind out in a target direction, dealing magic damage.

    |description2 = Knocks up enemies and deals 30% more damage to champions. |leveling = |leveling2= |cooldown = |cost = |costtype = Wind |range = 900 }}

    Yomu surrou…
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    Wan Su

    January 22, 2014 by Masterzach32

    Hello, !

    This is my first champion concept, so please give me feedback!

    Wan Su, The Samurai is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    number of ally champions) bonus armor and (5 number of enemy champions) bonus movement speed for each champion nearby.

    |range = 1000 }}

    Wan Su's Next basic attack deals modified critical damage and causes them to bleed physical damage over 4 seconds.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown = |cost = 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 |costtype = mana |range = none }}

    Every time Wan Su deals physical damage, he restores health and mana over 6 seconds. This cannot stack on itself.

    |description2 = Wan Su dashes to a target, dealing magic damage and silencing the target for 1 second. |leveling =

    |leveling2= |cooldown = |cost = 70 |…

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