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  • Mateusz Melchior Malisz

    Before becoming Summoner, I was playing MMORPG games. I started playing League of Legends thanks to my friend(who was playing MMOs with me). He invited me to the League. After that, nothing remained the same as before.

    I started playing lol a week after Miss Fortune was released - it was her free week, and in my first game I picked her. I don't remember much from beginning of my adventure with LoL. I liked this game, it was something new for me. Something fresh. I was surprised that there was no pure healer class (because in nearly every MMO there is some priest who can heal his allies). My friend told me about Soraka, but he also stated, that she's hardly ever used; in fact supports aren't used too often at lower lvls, because players focu…

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  • Mateusz Melchior Malisz

    Hello all!

    I wonder if someone reads it, but it's ok to write only for myself:3

    I think that i am not that bad player. I mean, I am trying to use my brain, not take offence and play(generally)with team. I am not pro. For sure I could learn to play better. But when I am playing rankeds i always have the same problem: brainless people.

    My elo is low, because iddiots surrounds me. It's generally approximately 1200 atm, b4 it was about 1100 or even 1050. I am not telling about situations like leavers and afkers, this happens to me rare now, but well; there is still problem of unskilled players(or unbrained ones).

    What's the point? I am looking either for good players or good chars. Players to help me get out of this elo, characters to carry the ga…

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