Long story shortEdit

Before becoming Summoner, I was playing MMORPG games. I started playing League of Legends thanks to my friend(who was playing MMOs with me). He invited me to the League. After that, nothing remained the same as before.

I started playing lol a week after Miss Fortune was released - it was her free week, and in my first game I picked her. I don't remember much from beginning of my adventure with LoL. I liked this game, it was something new for me. Something fresh. I was surprised that there was no pure healer class (because in nearly every MMO there is some priest who can heal his allies). My friend told me about Soraka, but he also stated, that she's hardly ever used; in fact supports aren't used too often at lower lvls, because players focus mainly on damage rather than teamplay and supporting allies. After few weeks I knew how items work, how which champion should be build and than, I truly appreciated this game. The champions are balanced, and different. You can pick cute Amumu, funny Tristana or powerful Garen. I also like Riot Games, this corporation is something like role model for others - they not only created really good game, which is free to play, but they also can say "sorry, this and this is our fault, take this RP as a compensation.". Really, which corporation will give you real money(well, RP can be bought only for real money, that's my point) for their own fault? And last, but not least: contains no item shop - you can buy skins with RP, but even when spending a lot of money, you won't be stronger than player who doesn't. Real money doesn't count - and that's what I really like in this game.

And my favourite champion is...Edit

I played many champions. It's really hard to point my favourite, but I think it's gonna be SingedSquare Singed, the Mad Chemist. He is my main since 25 Summoner's level, and I really like this guy. He's not only strong, but also fun to play. He has fun quotes, useful skills, and he can deceive enemy if played properly. I also like mobile champions, and Singed is one of the most mobile champions in the League. I just fell like a boss when I run to enemies, harras them a bit, and run away without any harm. This guy just love jungle - you can run there without any health, and it's gonna be extremely hard to kill you. He has great skills they are all funny(Fling FLING!). And I truly love his Hextech skin; these salt shakers in his mask - how can you not adore them?:3