Hello all!

I wonder if someone reads it, but it's ok to write only for myself:3

I think that i am not that bad player. I mean, I am trying to use my brain, not take offence and play(generally)with team. I am not pro. For sure I could learn to play better. But when I am playing rankeds i always have the same problem: brainless people.

My elo is low, because iddiots surrounds me. It's generally approximately 1200 atm, b4 it was about 1100 or even 1050. I am not telling about situations like leavers and afkers, this happens to me rare now, but well; there is still problem of unskilled players(or unbrained ones).

What's the point? I am looking either for good players or good chars. Players to help me get out of this elo, characters to carry the games by myself. My main is Singed - i rly like him, but after his ulti changed i don't think he is that great anymore. He can't push that fast now and is just weaker for me. I was never playing him like full tank - no taunt or serious CC - but I tried to force enemies to focus at me. Unfortunately, tank is not strong enough to be carry. I used to play Nidalee. She suits it better, but she is kinda squishy and needs to come closer in TFs, also got no heal when in cougar form. She is good pusher, but again - without at least a bit help from team, she will not be capable to be carry.

I've tried to play kassa. He is hard1 4 me, but I learned to play him quite nice. My only problem is early. I can't hold mid, especially against for example Malzahar. Some advices?

I think that's all. Genrally it's complaining-asking for advice post. Comment, subscribe(:D) and enjoy reading:)