• Mateusz Palacz

    Lol contest

    August 8, 2011 by Mateusz Palacz

    Everything started at the beggining of May 2010. I remember Udyr being relesed and his Champion Spotlight. I was playing DoTa with friends until one of them found League of Legends. First game was really rough experience. I was playing Morgana and we were devastated by enemy Ryze. I had little idea whats going on and what to do. That was my first lose :). As time passed we enjoyed playing more and more. Each game was a lot of fun. Especially first few when we were learning basics. After 1/2 year we stopped playing for a month or so because of losing streak of 16. But it's a really fun game so eventually came back and are playing up to today.

    Why i play LoL? Because of the PvP content or maybe leveling up each game? Probablly not. I play bec…

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