Everything started at the beggining of May 2010. I remember Udyr being relesed and his Champion Spotlight. I was playing DoTa with friends until one of them found League of Legends. First game was really rough experience. I was playing Morgana and we were devastated by enemy Ryze. I had little idea whats going on and what to do. That was my first lose :). As time passed we enjoyed playing more and more. Each game was a lot of fun. Especially first few when we were learning basics. After 1/2 year we stopped playing for a month or so because of losing streak of 16. But it's a really fun game so eventually came back and are playing up to today.

Why i play LoL? Because of the PvP content or maybe leveling up each game? Probablly not. I play because of great variety of champions and ways of playing them, great support, friendly community (except trolls, most of them will give you good advice what to do better like "Stop feeding n00b") and of course i play because i'm a nerd and have too much free time.

My favourite champion would be Ryze. I started playing him recently about 2months ago. With full page of mana per level I have free 833 MP at 18. His Q hits like a truck. W helps running away or chasing. E reduces cooldown for Q (xD). R heals and reduces CD on Q too. His mana build give him great survivability and extraorginary damage. That is what i like most. Mid is not a lane for me and my Ryze. I prefer to annoy my enemies by throwing my wicked balls of lightning at them. As i level up other team grow to not underestimate me or my damage output. Ryze is not afraid to get focused, Ryze is not afraid to fight 1v1, Ryze is not afraid to kite and fight 1v2, Ryze is not afraid to die (happens somethimes), Ryze is not afraid to lose, Ryze is my favourite champion. If you can't handle him, then well you will be harrased to death.