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The future of League of Legends

Math34 August 23, 2015 User blog:Math34

Hi all and all,

That's how you know the game will soon celebrate its six years it has gone global especially with the advent of eSports, followed by millions of people around the mondail, like the game that is played by millions people.

So here I have a few questions:

- Are you still think the game will exist in 10,15,20 years?

- If so, what news do you expect?

- They exist 125 champions since the creation of the game, you see the 200 being exceeded in how long? Are you satisfied with the interval between the output of each champion?

- What are the limits, if any, of League of Legends?

- Do you think that the extension of the popularity of LoL worldwide is extended or stagnating?

- Is what you think that at some point, all countries will have access to LoL? A African server will there? You see, in the near future, a world championship teams with African, Oceanian, South American, ...? Or Antarctican ? ^^

- Is what you think that developers will make extensions and create other planets apart Runeterra? For greater diversity in forms of champions?

Developers can t it draw characters, animals, objects, ... to create a real champion? Imagine a future champion as a dinosaur :D  !

I will have other questions later and I forget now ^^ I put here.

And for you, how do you see the future of League of Legends?

Soon, Math34

PS : Sorry for my english, i'm french :/  If you do not understand something, tell me

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