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    Xith - The Spirit Tamer

    December 10, 2013 by MatjtONNN

    I am thinking about a lore about a relation with Udyr (Friend/Ally/Comrade/Rival/Enemy) because he uses the power of Spirits, but with Energy and not with Stances.

    that he haves.

    Killing a monster recovers 10 energy and of his maximum health}}. (This is tripled againts larger monsters).

    Killing a Champion recover  % of his missing energy)}} of Energy, also recovers % of his maximum health}}. (Assisting halves this values)


    Xith's next attack within the next 6 seconds will deal bonus physical damage, based on target's missing health and how much energy you have when it was casted, and Slows the target for 3 seconds, decaying over duration. If the target is missing health it will be Stuned for 1 second and then Slowed for another second.


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