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    Idea for a champ

    October 18, 2011 by Mattalanewhail

    | secondname = Overdrive. | secondinfo = (Stance): Mooch decides to use just his fists, for a complete loss of range, but an Increase in attack damage. | secondlevel = | thirdname = Crazy spectrum. | thirdinfo = (Active/Passive): Passive: The Orange goggles he wears gives him the ability to see into the crazy spectrum, allowing him to sense nearby Stealthed enemy champs. Active: He bends space to litterally walk to another point in space, essentually Gapping his way to another area of the map. | thirdlevel = | ultiname = .A.N.G.E.L.S. | ultiinfo = (Toggle): Activating his innate symbiotic armor Mooch enhances all of his abilitys, as well as becoming "Tanky" For the cost of all his Fury. (Can only switch on with full fury, C…

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