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  • Maxim.dussault

    Saiga, the Swordsman of the Void

    Void Samurai Style Fighter Assassin

    So here's a new concept of mine. An assassin/fighter type champion with a unique combo/stance system. That system is pretty simple. Each time he uses an ability, he switches stance, adding new effects to his main abilities. So the order of his skills greatly affects his gameplay and duel capacity as a fighter. His main con would be very low defensive stats, but as an assassin he has high burst, but can also be a good dps. Relying on mana, there's only so much he can do in his lane until he gets itemized a bit, but his skills enable him to dish out fair damage and keep an aggressive play style through early game. This build is of course not perfect, and any constructive crit…

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  • Maxim.dussault

    Gauss, the Cosmic Mastermind

    Gravity Themed Melee Fighter Mage

    Hi everyone! So I've decided to try making a fun new fighter mage because it seems the League has been lacking one for some time now. This is still a pretty rough idea and I haven't had time to tweak everything too much so it may be very over-powered and I know it. I just wanted to make a mage that would be able to juggle with the enemy and still be able to take some one-on-one fights. I'm still working on it's lore but I want to get some positive critics here so I can tweak him correctly. Also, as you can see, I suck with the editor and I simply can't seem to understand how to make a correct champion info page but whatever, you guys will get it.

    No Mana, uses Kinetic Charges inste…

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