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Umm, I'm very new here, and I like playing LoL as much as the next guy. But what really drove me to make an account and make a blog is to ask a simple question.

Do the Champions in the Champion Concepts section actually get recognized by Riot?

I really hope I don't accidentally start up a fight or insult anyone here (which is why I'm actually very scared right now...), but I always wanted to ask that question to everyone here. I have a champion concept myself (though I'm still quite shy), but I just don't want to feel like I put some effort in thinking of a new, interesting champ that'll just get thrown away like fan mail.

Though I remember a while back, a friend of mine read this champ concept where the champ uses fans and winds and stuff, and her Q involves dealing additional damage to Airborne enemies. And then time passed when Yasuo came out whose ult activates only to enemies that are Airborne. So that's when I thought "Maybe Riot really does look at the Champion Concepts section..." and I got filled with hopes to submit mine again. But I don't really remember a champion that has been released that is really truly identical to a Champion Concept submission. 

I understand that Riot creates champions that will bring in a new twist to playing the game; a new mechanic to mix things up and stuff, like how Yasuo ults Airbornes and how Azir gets to make his own turrets. But this is a question that has got me going nuts for quite a while now, and I'm really just curious to see how good/bad my Champ would look like by, well, you guys! The LoL community. 

Oh, and if ever I got any facts wrong, I'm really sorry... I don't know how everything works here, so I might get some stuff confused with other stuff. Just correct me if ever I got something wrong. :D

So... yeah. Thanks so much for reading first blog! Hope you guys would help me out! :>

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