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  • Megames1

    Hello everybody, Megames1 here with another blog post, and this time around we'll be talking about how to effectively learn how to use a Champion. The following tips I give out to you have been used by me and have helped me immensely in the past when I was just a wee little beginner.

    • Look at videos on the Champion you want to learn. When you're doing this, make sure the video you find is a recent one, since something from Season 2 won't be of much help to you in Seeason 3.
    • Get used to the way the Champion functions. From auto attack to spells, get used to everything about the Champion until it's become second nature to you.
    • Use the Champion on Bot games. This one should be obvious, especially if you don't want to be yelled at by your team since…
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  • Megames1

    I'M BACK, and better than ever! Been busy with school and friends, but now I'm back for good! Today I wanna talk about the playerbase of League as well as other communities.

    People are sheep. Everywhere you go, whether it's something like Cod, or a card game, and especially here on LOL, people fail to think for themselves when playing or using something. For example, Orianna, a champion who everyone thought was underpowered when she was released. A few months later, some pro player uses her in a Tourney and everyone is bandwagoning and saying that she's good. The same people who said she was bad are now saying she is good. The same could be said about Kayle, until a pro player says, "Kayle's good".
    Now I can understand that not all of us ca…
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  • Megames1

    Mage, Ranged, Assassin |date = February 18, 2013

    |health =50 |attack =50 |spells =80 |difficulty =60

    |hp =486 (+83) |mana =270 (+55) |damage =49 (+3.1) |range =500 |armor =15 (+3.5) |magicresist =30 (+1.25) |attackspeed =6.25 (+1.3%) |healthregen =6.3 (+0.75) |manaregen =7 (+0.56) |speed =340 }}Champion, the Title is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    |cooldown= |cost=65 |costtype=mana |range=750 }}

    |cost=60 |costtype=mana |range=650 }}

    |range=350 (Radius) |cooldown= |cost= |costtype=mana }}

    Radius: 100 (Starting Radius) / 800 (Distance) / 300 (Final Radius) |leveling2= |cooldown=120/100/80 |cost=150 |range= 700 |costtype=mana }}

    Feedback would be much appreciated.

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  • Megames1

    Larthix, The Double-Edged

    December 22, 2012 by Megames1

    Fighter, Melee |date = January 18, 2012

    |health = 70 |attack =70 |spells =30 |difficulty =40

    |hp = 440 (+96) |mana = 235 (+45) |damage = 53 (+4.5) |range = 125 |armor = 15 (+3) |magicresist = 30 (+1.25) |attackspeed = 0.665 (+3.5%) |healthregen = 6 (+0.83) |manaregen = 3 (+0.76) |speed = 350 }}Champion, the Title is a custom champion in League of Legends.


    Once upon a time, there was an evil tyrant that lived long ago. Legend has it that he ruled the area know known as the Shadow Isles and also was immortal. In that same legend, it speaks of knights that served under this king, and how they were the reason the king was able to rule. Like their ruler, they, too, were immortal. …

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  • Megames1

    Megames, The Black One

    December 1, 2012 by Megames1

    Melee,Fighter |date = December 1st, 2012

    |health =55 |attack =80 |spells =20 |difficulty =50

    |hp =456 (+95) |mana =207 (+39.5) |damage =56 (+4.5) |range =125 |armor =17 (+3.5) |magicresist =30 (+1.25) |attackspeed =0.0681 (+2.9%) |healthregen =9.25 (+1.25) |manaregen =6 (+0.555) |speed =350 }}Megames(Mega-mes), the Black One is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    |cooldown=12/10.5/9/7.5/5 Seconds |cost= 65/70/75/80/85 |costtype=mana |range= }}

    |cooldown= 10 Seconds |cost= 65 |costtype=mana |range= 300 }}

    |range= |cooldown=10 seconds |cost=85 |costtype=mana }}

    Unfinished Champion. Part of The Black Knights.

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