Have you ever encountered those people?

Hello fellow summoners. Today, We will discuss as usual, but will not not discuss the usual. As you can guess from the title and and the Topic question, I sure am having a problem with a certain group of people. Was there a time where you posted your build for X champion and recieved something around, "Go kill yourself"? Was there a time where you troed to propose an idea for a champion or a rework for fun and recieved somewhere from being called an ugly Ass retard to recieving a death threat? I sure do every damn day. There isn't one day where I don't mute people because what they say is cruel. And it is even worst here, where you can't block a person at all.
Now I know some of you will pass by and think, "This guy is sure Butthurt", but who wouldn't be, especially when you have to deal with the same shyty ass behavior the Lol community tolerates? I know it's not as bad since the Honor System was released, but Trolls keep trolling, or so the saying goes. Besides, there are also people who think being "Real" in a game is the right way.
I want to make a suggest as well as rant. Can we please have a way to block certain people and their posts on this wiki? It would greatly help me and others who encounter my problem. Besides, it's not like they have anything useful to say besides, "Your bad and should feel bad"' or "Kill yourself".
Before conclude, I want to tell you guys that I will be posting more "Against the Meta" and thus need some suggestions. If I can't find suggestions, that would delay the next discussion, so please and thank you for help. Even though this isn't the usual, always think "Against the Meta"