Been going around the champion pages

And reading post after post about how X champion is either overpowered or underpowered for Y reason. Usually, I wouldn't mind that, but some of the arguments people make up are just so weak. A great example of this is ,"Veigar OP Stun nerf pl0x". ... like what is this... I don't even. First off, Veigar ended up like Nasus because DFG's damage was significantly lowered. 2nd off, Veigar has no mobility and is very squishy, even for a mage. It only takes a second to take out a Veigar. Back to what I was talking about. So yeah, if you think a Champion is OP/UP, please have a reason for it, and don't make it as weak as the one presented to you.

Now on to another subject I wanna talk about: snowballing in Lol. I think Lol has so much of it, especially in early game, where everything matters, even CS. Ganks at this time completely screw over your chances of a comeback, notably when the enemy jungle camps your lane. Though this will be solved via the Season 3 Jungle Remake, what's to stop other lanes from just doing a coordinated gank on you and just shutting you out if the game? I seriously think first blood should not give you as much Gold and Exp as it does right now. Champion kills should also give you less gold than they do now, to delay someone from getting fed. A final change that would lower the snowball is that if you have a lot of deaths and got a kill/assist/something, you'll still be worst a very low amount of gold. This way, feeders and that guy who had that bad game, won't be as problematic when they get kills.

Final subject of the day: What if Dota 2 heroes were put in Lol and how would it affect the meta / balance / comps? Zeus would definately replace Karthus in being the global ult master. Ursa would completely wreck teams who don't focus him for him, and he is tanky enough to soak up the damage. Queen of Pain would just hop all over, never really dying since she goes triple the distance of flash on a lesser Cd. So many champions we use right now would be considered underpowered. All the Dota heroes would get passives, making them stronger. There would be mass nerfs to Dota heroes and maybe even reworks cause the concept is simply so good, you can 1v5 all the time.

I end this edition by thanking you for reading what I have to say about current events and such. And remember, try going "Against the Meta.

PS: Drow Ranger would completely replace Ashe because of that Silence.