What keeps Assassins from dominating the Meta


Why is the Fury System make those who use it so bad?

Hello readers,

Today, I want to talk about two solvable issues in the League: Assassins & fury. Let's begin with the former.
Assassins are meant to go into teamfights and burst doen the enemy AP/AD carry before they ever react, though with the growing popularity of bruisers, they constantly fail at even reaching their objective, unless the enemy team has no orientation. One problem I see many assassins have is that they are both melee and squishy, and that does not work out well. I mean, how are you supposed to do damage when your just as squishy as your AD, who is luckily ranged? You can say abilities, but you only got four, and they aren't enough to take anyone out besides carries. They're also super vulnerable to CC, which is a leading cause to death. The only assassin that works right now has to be Irelia, because not only does her passive make her near immune to CC in teamfights, but her tankiness and gap closer allow her to get to far away targets. Now if only all other assassins were like that. If Riot does plan on making another assassin, they better make sure they can survive on teamfights long enough. Pr at least make an item that'll help assassins out.
Now onto Fury and why I think it is a terrible system of management. The 3 champions that use the fury system are Renekton, Tryndamere, and Shyvana. The way the fury system works is that you perform certains to increase and maintain your Fury so you do more damage. A primary problem that is seen with this is that if you don't have any fury, you will deal below average damage. This could be solved with more fury gain. A second problem that is present in fury is that it degenerates over time. Shyvana doesn't have this problem unless she is in her dragon form. A third problem is that fury gain from autoattacks are so damn low. I would fix this by letting fury champions gain more when attacking champions.
With the coming of Season 3, I do hope Riot revises the fury system so that one day, we don't complain about Renekton, along with others, falling off late game. I do hope this was interesting to read, and remember, try to think Against the Meta.