Are you ready?

I am proud enough to say there will be changes to the Meta, whether you guys like or not. Yes, I'm talking to you guys who yell at me for using Ashe on 3v3. Though we don't know the exact changes, we do know junglers like Warwick will become viable again and that Mpen/Arpen will work in reverse order. There will also be Mastery changes, which I am excited about. One of the best changes in my opinion though, is the addition of many new items that'll make many Ap Bursters more viable on the game.
What are your favorite changes and why? Do you think Riot will have to rebalance Ad Burst Casters? What of the future of released champions?
I will conclude by asking if anyone can help me with the template to making a custom champion. I am confused with what to do and will be completely be grateful to anyone that helps. Dont forget to comment, and remember, go Against The Meta.
P.S.: I bet many of your are asking why I need help with Templates and stuff? I plan on making a Custom Champion. The only Preview I'll give right is his name, which is Ain(Ine).