Why is it that only a tank in 1.2 Elo/normals build some sort of resistance?

Hello fair summoners,
Today I have 2 subjects to discuss. First, as the title suggest, summoners in a low elo don't tend to either ward or build tanky due to not being support or tank. In this same low Elo range, there are also a lack of Teamfighting and objective securing, like push towers and getting Baron/Dragon. People don't even tend to farm right. They spend most of their time harassing and trying to kill you instead. It seems that the only thing people want is to kill, kill, kill. Sometimes, people don't even jungle and send 2 top. I have no words to describe such horrid gaming. Your going to have to discuss this.
The 2nd subject that we will discuss is if you tend to farm for long periods of time in lane. Usually when I have a healing support and am Ashe, i can stay in lane for large periods of time and always check to see if we are being ganked with Hawk Shot. Thanks to this, my support doesn't actually need to focus so muc on wards and get more gp5 items and mp5 items. We then stay in lane until I can afford IE and a Tier 2 boots, usually Swiftness boots. Yes, I use those becuase it fits my strategy of my hit and run Ashe, which works if you focus on it. Back on topic here, discuss champions that can farm all game while being unstoppable and a time you farmed for so long.
I will begin to allow people to make their own "Against the Meta" so that I may see what interests them. I;m out, and remember, go Against the Meta.