I'M BACK, and better than ever! Been busy with school and friends, but now I'm back for good! Today I wanna talk about the playerbase of League as well as other communities.

People are sheep. Everywhere you go, whether it's something like Cod, or a card game, and especially here on LOL, people fail to think for themselves when playing or using something. For example, Orianna, a champion who everyone thought was underpowered when she was released. A few months later, some pro player uses her in a Tourney and everyone is bandwagoning and saying that she's good. The same people who said she was bad are now saying she is good. The same could be said about Kayle, until a pro player says, "Kayle's good".
Now I can understand that not all of us can brainstorm as well as others (if they can at all), but that does not excuse the people who only listen to higher-ups.
This has gone on for so long in LOL as well as other games, and I feel like this needs to be addressed.

You guys have any ideas for the next Against the Meta, then post it down in the comments along with your opinion on this Against the Meta, and remember: Don't be sheep. Have a nice day! :D