What would you do if you could live forever?

Hello, my fair Summoners. Today, I want to discuss an idea I got from my previous article with another. As the above question says, what would you do if you could live on forever? Imagine a team consisting of Vayne, Zilean, and Yorick along with 2 others? Not only does that Vayne gain extra movement speed, but can possibly never die in teamfights even if she is being focused. I also want to learn more about other team comps that work.
Another topic I would like to talk about is an item for Ad casters. Lately, people have been posting items with ridiculous stats that would break all Ad champions. If it is so hard to make an Ad caster Item, then why not just start off small, and grow it with limitations, of course. For example, we can make an Advanced Tier item that gives 15 Ad and 5% spell vamp. Then we can move even further by making than new item combine with Brutilizer and see what we get. The resulting itwm would have something around 40 Ad, 5% spell vamp, 10% cdr, and 15 armor pen. Just to be on the safe side without making this item completely worthless, i'll even add bonus movement speed to it. The price of the the first Item would be between 1000-1200 gold and that would make the Legendary version cost between 2900-3000 goold, depending on how useful it is. By the way, if you have noticed, alot of these stats are not useful with Attack damage carries, thus avoiding that conflict. What do you think? Too good, balanced, or not strong enough?
The last topic I want to talk about is Fiora. She seems to be getting attention a lot this week, and many of these people are asking for QoL buffs. Some even ask for a complete remake of her kit. What do you think? Is Fiora good as is? Or does she need something done to her?
Well thats it for this article. May we meet again with more ideas. And remember: Go Against the Meta.